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This page was originally written in Spanish, and it is only partially translated to English. You can see the original page here. If you find any typos, open an issue or get in touch with me.

about me

Hi! I'm Sofía.

I've been doing programming for a while, and I love how open and fun is the Internet! This fun and openness is being lost and my objective is to bring them back.

I love Rust, and I hope it helps shape the future of programming. Even though I started to learn Rust circa 2020, I've been here for a while, and I'm quite proficient.

I feel comfortable in Rust, JavaScript, TypeScript, and C.

I love conlangs and I'm learning Toki Pona. I also love Wikipedia, and I try to help in my free time.

I love the concept of the Internet because it gives everyone their own place to talk, think and share. Nowadays, this has changed, and the web isn't has open as it used to be. I fully support open standards, and decentralization.