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Major update

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This website has received its first major update since Jan 2, 2023! The design may look familiar, but some things have changed:

  1. The background is a proper pattern now (I still can't recall where I got the old background from)
  2. The weblog index has been streamlined, and now it's the same for both the English and Spanish page.
  3. I've added support for tags!
  4. Some minor usability improvements.

There are also new additions! Support for comments has been added using the Mastodon API. Graceful degradation has played an important role in this remake, this website is fully viewable in the Nintendo 3DS Browser with some minor rendering glitches.

The navbar has a new section: links, this section provides quick access to things like the Status page and my Forgejo instance.

a new era

This is not only a stylistic and QoL change. This major change is part of the Common Unification Project, a project whose purpose is to develop a set of guidelines around styling, design process, maintenance and governance of the projects I maintain. These guidelines will be slowly added to the meta page.

Some projects have also been deprecated, which means that they may be decommissioned in the near future.

This will allow me to focus on some projects that will be released to the public in the following months.


This website, like the previous version, uses 11ty to prerender all the pages.

New weblog entries will follow the following path convention: /weblog/YYYY/mm/<slug>. Older posts have been archived.

to be done

There are still many things to be done, like RSS feeds, improved internationalization, and webmention support.